AimyLouise Wedding Photography

  • When should we cut the cake? You can cut the cake whenever you want, traditionally it is done after dinner but you can also do it at straight after the ceremony canapes so that you can serve it with the canapes or as you enter so that there is enough time to cut and plate it for after dinner. It only takes 5 minutes so it is quite easy to slip it in anywhere
  • How do you work on a wedding day?
  • Do we need to send you a shot list for the wedding day? You don't need to as I get the traditional photos for the wedding day and then capture images that creates the story for your wedding day. If you have anything specific that you really want me to capture then please do let me know.
  • How long is the creative shoot? 1 hour max (not including travel time to the preferred location of the photoshoot). I usually start with the bride and groom and the whole bridal party, we get some fun photos, then we move onto the bride with the bridesmaids and the groom with the groomsmen (or vice versa). This should take about 30 minutes, The bridal party will then leave to give you some space and it will just be the bride and groom for photos. We will make our way back when done.
  • I want golden hour photos, can you achieve that? Absolutely! On the rough timeline that I have sent you, the creative shoot is set at the best time of day for the golden hour photos. If it is overcast or dreary/raining unfortunately we wont get a sunset but it will still be beautiful!
  • What is family photos and do we have to do it? Family photos are quite straight forward, I usually have the bride and groom stand in the middle, the M.C will call out the family members according to the list that you have given him/her whilst I grab a pic and then we move onto the next group of family members going down the list, the bride and groom basically just stand in one spot whilst the family members are moving in and out of the frame. It is not compulsory but I do find that its sweet to include the family members and will have those memories with them to look back on. If you opt not to do this I usually get candid shots of guests at canapes and the reception anyway.
  • When should family photos be if we do want it? Straight after the ceremony and the confetti toss, it is best to get the family photos done as soon as possible so that they are out of the way and the family members can carry on with the partay.
  • It is overcast on our wedding day, will the lighting be ok for pictures? Although we wont get a sunset, overcast lighting is the best for high quality images. If the cloud cover starts to get darker we may need to bring the creative shoot sooner.
  • What if it rains on the wedding day? Don't panic! Embrace it, it is going to be a beautiful day either way and we will make the most out of it. You need to buy some clear umbrellas, if you don't end up using them you can resell them but it will be a game changer on your wedding day if it does rain.


  • If we go for the MOON package, are there any extra costs? No extra costs apart from Accommodation (usually R1400) and if your travel is over 70km from Ballito Roundtrip (5.50/km)
  • How do we receive the images? When your gallery is ready I will send you a link via email. The images will be online (it is private and can only be accessed by having the exact link)
  • Is there a second shooter or assistant? No I work solely on my own, I get everything I need and more without the distractions. If you would like to add a second shooter I have a photographer that will be able to assist at an additional R3000.
  • Dietary requirements? None.
  • Does my package include an engagement shoot? The engagement shoot is an added cost, I charge R2800 but there is a discount of R1000 off if you book your wedding with me.
  • Do you have any example galleries that you can send us? Yes sure! You can view most of my weddings on my PORTFOLIO" page.
  • How many images do we get? I normally handover between 40-60 images per hour depending on how fast paced the wedding is and the events occurring on the day.